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August 7, 2023

Green Label DC: Quality Weed Store

Storefront Delivery
Total Score:
4.5 / 5

Payments Accepted:
Cash & Card

4 / 5
Delivery Speed:
4 / 5
4 / 5
Gift Quality:
5 / 5
Trust Score:
5 / 5

Green Label, the D.C.-based weed company, recently opened a storefront. They were already one of the bigger names in Washington D.C.’s Initiative 71 cannabis market, previously offering delivery. We’ll be reviewing their storefront here.

Company History: An Organic Evolution

Green Label started with an ambitious cannabis enthusiast wanting to grow great weed, around 2012. They began supplying others with their self-grown cannabis, cutting their teeth as a cannabis cultivator.

It was only once they went to a popup event, sometime after Initiative 71 became law in February 2015, that they realized ‘We can do this’. Thus Green Label was born!

In 2017, they started doing deliveries, found a steady source of customers through Gentleman Toker, and never looked back. They were delivery-only until recently, opening their first storefront in June.

The bag we received, with Green Label's Logo on it

Customer Experience In The Store

The first brick-and-mortar Green Label store opened in Columbia Heights (3403 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010) on June 16th, and they are open from 10 AM-8 PM every day.

The inside is clean and well-staged. It feels open and large enough for people to comfortably stand around but still intimate–which is what you want. You want to be treated as an individual with a need and not just handed a sack of any old cannabis and shooed out the door (*cough cough* NKA).

But what really stands out is the selection. The biggest difference when you go to a dispensary vs an initiative 71 business is the variety of products offered. Specifically, the variety of cannabis strains.

Most I71 storefronts will have 3-6 strains on display, but frequently only have 2-3 in stock. Green Label was the best-stocked cannabis store in D.C. that I’ve been to, with a wide selection of products including edibles, concentrates, cartridges and disposables, flower and prerolls, and mushrooms.

Google reviews attest that others appreciate their selection as well. Exhbit A:

When it comes to flower assortment, they don’t have the selection my local MD dispensary does, but much of that is old stock with low potency/flavor, anyway. The 3 strains we sampled, out of the 12 available, were all much fresher and more potent than the cannabis found at my local dispensary.

Side note: when asked if they ever had strains on display that they weren’t selling, they said, “No. If it’s shown out front and we don’t have any in the back, we’ll gift the flower on display.”

One of the strains we smelled in the store had an incredible coffee aroma–like a Starbucks store. That strain was called Grape Pie and we had to mention it, on account of the amazing smell.

As someone peripheral to the Initiative 71 weed market since 2017, I’ve seen Green Label (or Green Label Grinders, as I’d known them as until this review) remain a top contender for best I71 delivery service. They had a reputation for being a top quality service.

Fast-forward to now, and they’ve successfully transitioned into a delivery AND brick-and-mortar business. Surprisingly, this isn’t a popular configuration. Most storefront weed stores in D.C. do not offer delivery.

What People Are Saying About Green Label

We always look at the lowest reviews on google to see what a company’s detractors are saying about them. There worst and only critical review is a 3 star and the response was too humorous not to share. Amazing honestly.

If you’ve read some of our older reviews, you may notice that we disagree with the practice of buying reviews–or financially incentivizing them. In our review of Gifted Curators (the highest rated storefront on our site, until now), we noted:

I don’t blame them for gaming the system to have highly ranked google business profiles… companies are highly ranked for key search terms (‘weed in dc’), in part because of their plentiful 5 star reviews.
They should stop this practice. It hurts their credibility and undermines consumer confidence. This type of dishonesty is far too common in the DC weed market. They should focus on credibility going forward.

Green Label may financially incentivize reviews from the looks of it (if nothing else, by offering discounts publicly in response to reviews) but Google doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

At, we’ve found that Google doesn’t penalize paid-reviews, despite them being against Google’s own terms of service.

We previously reported instances of blatant review-buying that we ran across, and not a single profile was removed or had their review rating reset.

In any case, Green Label does have a ton of legitimate positive reviews and it is clear from my visit that they’ve earned those.

The Products Our Testers Sampled

Green Label carries flower, prerolls, edibles, THC oil cartridges/disposables, and psilocybin mushroom products. Their edible selection is a standout, with many unique items you won’t find on other menus.

Green Label's website shows a wide selection of edibles

We were gifted the following flower samples for review:

Jet Fuel x Runtz, Lemon Cherry, and Candy Queen flower, all prerolled for our convenience.

We were also given a disposable THC vape and live resin cartridge, both using Green Label cannabis that was processed by DC Extracts, so you know they’re quality.

Finally, a 125mg container of Kiwi Gummy Rings and a box of 4 delicious Chocolate Cheesecake Bites (500mg total).

The samples we were given for review.

Is Green Label Weed Good?

Jet Fuel x Runtz had a strong gassy flavor with some earthy undertones, and a clear-headed buzz. The high is long-lasting and won’t make you sleepy even if you smoke a lot. Even better, it didn’t bring on any anxiety. Simply a solid high that is part cerebral, and partly narcotic-like. I would smoke this one all day!

Lemon Cherry was an exceptionally smooth smoke that is very satisfying to puff on. Vanilla, blueberry and sugary milk is the flavor profile–tasty. It offers a body high that is great for relaxing and watching TV, but be careful or you’ll awake from an unscheduled nap. Sleep comes easy on this strain.

Candy Queen is an ideal wake-n-bake strain; a kick in the pants with your morning coffee. The flavor profile is cherry cotton candy, and the smoke is smooth on the throat and chest. It’s very potent–you won’t need a ton to get the job done.


The Chocolate Cheesecake Bites that we received from Green Label DC
The Chocolate Cheesecake Bites that we received from Green Label DC

The Kiwi Gummy Rings did not do much for our testers, potency wise, though they were tasty. The THC amount here just didn’t register for our high-tolerance-having testers, but they could be good medicine for someone else.

The Chocolate Cheesecake Bites, however, were very potent. You could smell and see the cannabutter (presumably, but it could have been coconut oil, et al) involved but without the off-putting taste. These taste amazing and get you high for many hours. We recommend these all day.

THC Cart/Disposable

The cartridge oil and disposable oil was processed by DC Extracts, using Green Label flower. You’re supporting local businesses when you get these products, whereas some vendors are importing cannabis products from out of state.

Many times these imported products have solvents, plant growth hormones, or other impurities that survive the extraction process. Since Green Label grows high quality flower and it’s being extracted in DC by a reputable company, you can use these products with confidence.

The High Terpene Full Spectrum sauce disposable was excellent. It was easy to use, plenty of terpenes (flavor was sort of a floral and herbs), and had a solid buzz. The vapor feels clean on inhalation and doesn’t have any discomfort associated with lower quality carts.

The cartridge we received was similar in quality to the disposable. Both were quality products, which I’ve come to expect of DC Extracts.

Is Green Label DC Legit? Absolutely!

The flower was excellent, the vape and cart were top-shelf, and the Chocolate Cheesecake Bites are a must-try from us.

A 4.5/5 experience, and knowing that Green Label grows their own flower means you’re actually supporting the D.C. cannabis market when you support them. Not someone in NY or California.

There are tons of unlicensed, D.C.-based weed companies, ranging from outright fraud (Dreamland) to outfits that provide a much higher quality service than licensed dispensaries.

Green Label is on the higher-quality side of the spectrum, with a great location, clean and professional store, a company history and reputation that precedes them, and quality cannabis!

So yes, they are legitimately a Washington, D.C. recreational weed company, offering storefront service and delivery. Their pricing is competitive with pricing breaks at half ounce, and full ounce. They accept card or cash, and even provide a free curbside pickup option if you don’t want to pay $20 for delivery.

They are as high-quality as Gifted Curators, and cheaper if you shop bulk. They also offer a better edible and flower selection, and deliver so they could potentially be the last place you need to try.

We suggest you give them a try if you haven’t–and mention DC Pot Review on your first order for a complimentary preroll. Have experience shopping here? Leave your review in the comments.

Unlike other DC cannabis review websites, we don't accept payment for favorable reviews.

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