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May 6, 2022

Nug Frost Weed Delivery I71 Company

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Total Score:
2.5 / 5

Payments Accepted:
Cash Only

3 / 5
Delivery Speed:
5 / 5
5 / 5
Gift Quality:
4 / 5

Nug Frost, a weed delivery company operating under initiative 71 in DC is not super well-known. They were, however, speedy, responsive, and had high-quality gifts. Our shopping experience was great, though they don’t even have a website yet.

Would we shop here again? Absolutely. Fair prices, high-quality gifts, and good customer service. They have some minor flaws, but quality is king and Nug Frost provided great-quality smoke.

Step 1: Send Them An Email

Nug Frost does have an Instagram. If you’d like to see pictures you’ll need to email them though, as they have no posts. They have a website in the works we were told upon inquiring.

From here, Nug Frost will direct you to their discord to chat about your order.

You’ll want to add them on discord and send them a message to get started. You’ll be allowed access to the #request-verification thread, with the following instructions:

To view menu you must be verified. Please request verification here by typing “request verification”. To verify please send us a private message with a pic of you holding your ID. You may block out all information except name and DOB.

Okay, pretty standard for an i71 company, though not many require it just to see the menu online. We took no issue with this overall. After sending your verification image, you’ll be granted access to the gift menus.

They have their menu online and you can find concentrates, carts, flower, edibles, and more.

Step 2: Place Your Order

You’ll order by messaging Nug Frost’s account on discord directly, rather than by conversing in a thread on their server. Tell them what you’d like, where you’d like delivery, and they’ll figure out their ETA.

Note that they do have a $100 minimum and a $15 delivery fee. You’ll be getting at least a quarter if you’re just getting flower to meet the minimum requirements. But they have no contemporaries at all in Roanoke, so consider yourself lucky they don’t have a $250 minimum.

They do have images of the flower available so you’ll know what it looks like in advance, which is a plus.

Nug Frost was decently responsive chatting on discord. It took about 20 minutes to get my order confirmed once we knew what we wanted. 1 hour time to delivery from order confirmation.

They were 5 minutes early and texted me their vehicle description so we could locate them. Our shopper was 10 minutes late because of technical difficulties.

Is Nug Frost’s Weed Good? Yes, Indeed.

There is a strong musky, catpissy smell to the Girl Scout Cookies that our shopper picked up, with some gassiness when broken down. It really isn’t like the cookies we’re used to.

Sometimes cannabis breeders will create their own in-house version of a strain using whatever cuts are available to them–this can result in plants that are GSC in lineage, but not GSC in it’s popularized terpene profile. It looks and smells nothing like Cookies brand GSC.

It’s best practice when browsing strains to pay more attention to what attributes a strain has (your vendor should have this info available) rather than if it’s a familiar strain name. This goes doubly so in unregulated markets.

That said, it is still excellent cannabis. Nicely cured but not apparently machine-trimmed, our testers believe. Burns clean and doesn’t feel hot on throat or feel heavy on the chest. Our secret shopper picked up a quarter of this middle-tier offering.

Initially, upon first whiff, our secret shopper communicated to Nug Frost that they suspected mold. Our shopper then checked for mold with a loupe (a magnification device for evaluating tiny details) and found nothing. Furthermore, they got a 2nd opinion on the smell and came to the conclusion the weed was perfectly fine.

But when told that their flower was potentially moldy, they offered to swap it out OR give a refund. Excellent customer service, that’s exactly the response you want.

Girl Scout Cookie strain cannabis that our shopper got from Super! in Roanoke, Virginia.

Presentation Was Lacking, But Forgivable

They don’t have a website yet  (we’re told there’s one in the works) or branded bags. The vehicle they pulled up in wasn’t particularly new, or flashy. They didn’t greet our shopper with a smiling face, but they were polite and said something to the effect of “Have a nice day” afterwards.

The quarter of weed was stuffed into a rather small bag, better suited for an eighth. Their shortcomings are forgivable because they excelled on speed, quality, and value.

All in all, acceptable presentation given the quick delivery and quality flower they provided.

Nug Frost Weed Delivery Has Bulk Discounts

Unlike some storefronts which prefer you to pick up small amounts, so they can charge $70 an eighth each time, Nug Frost does have bulk pricing. A donation of $400 gets you an ounce of top-shelf (normally $70 per eighth), instead of $560. Not a bad deal, and the lower quality flower is even more accessible in bulk.

A $40 donation makes you eligible for a 1g live resin cart gift, but if you get more than 3 they’re only $30 per. Reasonable pricing to begin with, good discounts offered.

Not Perfect, But On Their Way

This has been one of the better scoring delivery experiences we’ve graded so far. It packed a lot of value, delivered quality flower, and shows lots of ambition.

If they can hold their quality of service and flower, while bolstering other areas like packaging and professionalism (and a website), they could become a top vendor in DC. Unless you’re trying to show off for friends how professional your weed guys are, I’d strongly consider Nug Frost–they pack a ton of value.

Unlike other DC cannabis review websites, we don't accept payment for favorable reviews.

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