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February 21, 2022

Lucky Chuckie DC Cannabis Delivery Service Review

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Total Score:
3.5 / 5

Payments Accepted:
Cash & Card

2 / 5
Delivery Speed:
3 / 5
4 / 5
Gift Quality:
4 / 5

The Lucky Chuckie DC cannabis gifting experience was lukewarm despite the rave reviews you see online. The flower itself was good but I see no reason to order from them again.

The reviews you’ll find online of Lucky Chuckie all rate their service highly and I haven’t seen any criticism of them on DC weed review websites.

The reason why you won’t find any criticism of Lucky Chuckie isn’t because of their flawless execution. Rather, the only way that you’re exposed to them is through advertising masquerading as critique.

This is far too common in the DC pot scene. The real question is…

Is Lucky Chuckie Legit?

That depends on what we mean by legit–they do exist, but there’s something fishy going on. They appear to be advertising under several different names.

It wasn’t immediately clear that The Preroll Guys, Athena’s Gifts, Lucky Chuckie, Lucky Chuckie DC, and Lucky Chuckie Tours were all the same company.

However, all of their websites had these similarities:

  • use Squarespace website builder
  • have very similar gift menus
  • accept same payment options: cash or cash app
  • advertise on the same websites
  • have numerous blog posts cross-promoting each other exclusively

We asked The Preroll Guys and Lucky Chuckie for gift menus and this was the result:

There are numerous similarities between the two menus: horrible design, typos aplenty, and many of the same gifts with identical pricing.

There are also noteworthy differences: variety in gifts offered and Lucky Chuckie doesn’t gift prerolls or mushrooms but they do sell ‘rolling pappers’ for 5 bucks.

There’s no explanation anywhere as to why they operate under so many names and how they’re related. Each service is essentially the same but presented with a different theme.

Fake Accolades, Wellness Drivel, & Blackhat SEO

Lucky Chuckie DC is billed as a ‘Women’s Health’ website, while The Preroll Guys website is billed as ‘Men’s Health’. There’s no substance behind these themes and they’re clearly keyword stuffing for SEO.

To give you an idea of their content quality, here’s a quote from The Preroll Guys’ website:

The Pre Roll Guys is your ultimate guide to men’s health and cannabis. Yes woman can take benefit of our page as well we provide a lifestyle for both men and woman.

Out of all of their blog posts, only a few mention men’s health in the title–yet even those posts are drivel written for SEO, not human eyes. They say nothing substantive about men’s health.

Athena’s Gifts is marketed as the edible specialist and they seem the most unique of the various brands. It’s feasible that these various brands are controlled by the same person(s) yet are operated by different employees.

These brands have been bestowed with awards from a known pay-to-play website. Awards like ‘#1 in Best Local Edibles’ or ‘Honorable Mention: Best Delivery 2021’.

The awards come from a site that receives an estimated $30,000-50,000/month from the various Lucky Chuckie subsidiaries–so you’ll never see them bad-mouth Lucky Chuckie, The Preroll Guys, or Athena’s Gifts.

That estimation is based on advertising pricing we’ve seen for that review site recently. Our experience with Lucky Chuckie challenges the notion that they’ve earned such praise.

Not The Easiest To Order

The website design is nauseatingly green, which to be fair—far too many cannabis brands do. On the vanilla Lucky Chuckie website (, you can find instructions if you scroll 70% of the way down.

But we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t make it that far. Clutter and large images are blocking key information so you’ll need to hunt around. The same level of web design is consistent across the various brands.

If you do stick it out and figure out that you have to text them to order, you may be disappointed with the level of customer support.

They were not responsive while texting, required us to ask the same questions repeatedly to get an answer, and their tone was very unprofessional.

Some DC vendors run a tight ship and blow you away with professionalism. Some vendors opt to run their business like street drug dealers. Lucky Chuckie falls into the latter category, unfortunately.

The delivery driver was friendly but our secret shopper couldn’t tell what they were saying on the phone (wasn’t speaking clearly).

It took about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the time we confirmed the order to delivery. The driver being polite was the best part of their customer service.

Not The Strain We Ordered But Close Enough

Cookies OG is what our secret shopper selected, suggested by their salesperson via text, yet what was received was OK Cookies. At least, that was how it was labeled. Who knows what strain it was; I suppose it doesn’t matter much.

The flavor profile was black pepper, mint, lemon, and candy. It had a great taste, smooth throat feel, and the aftertaste was solid as well–no complaints there!

The effects were a nice body high that wasn’t overwhelming with a temporary energy boost to go along with it. Like most hybrids, it settled into a lethargy that mandated another toke to stay awake.

Overall, an excellent smoke that we got 3.5 grams of in exchange for a donation of $60 and a $10 delivery fee, totaling $70.

Conclusion: Not Worth It Unfortunately

There are too many DC vendors who are gifting cannabis to put up with subpar service. Any website offering praise without pointing out the faults in Lucky Chuckie’s customer experience is probably being paid by them.

However, they offered excellent value on the flower itself. It was of notable good quality despite middling service.

We got paid nothing, nor will we accept a payment from them in exchange for a favorable review. Our review won’t slow them down though as they are ubiquitous and currently being promoted on all the major DC weed websites.

So, to Lucky Chuckie or any other brands mentioned here: I hope you will consider our critique and improve your experience.

If you’d like to contest anything we’ve presented here, reach out to us at hello If there are any major clarifications to be made, we’ll be happy to publish them here.

Unlike other DC cannabis review websites, we don't accept payment for favorable reviews.

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