On July 1, 2021 it became legal for Virginia residents 21 and up to consume and possess marijuana. There are no recreational dispensaries in Virginia as of now. Won’t be until January 2024.

There’s no legal way to acquire recreational cannabis bud in Roanoke, VA right now, other than growing it yourself. This leaves recreational users with no easy legal path to acquiring high-quality cannabis.

However, if you’re going to Washington D.C., there are many excellent vendors to choose from.

Browse our DC recreational cannabis vendor reviews here to sort through your options.

Where Can I Smoke Weed In Roanoke?

Now you’ve got your cannabis and you’re ready to enjoy it. Where can you enjoy it? Not legally in public, so you’ll need to find somewhere elseā€“like a private residence. Those caught enjoying weed in public may be subject to a $25 civil penalty.

Anyone under 21 who is caught with the devil’s lettuce will be issued a $25 fine potentially and ordered to enter a substance abuse program. Don’t do recreational drugs until you’re of age, children.

Grow Your Own Weed In Roanoke, VA

If you consume a lot of cannabis, you may find your habit to be too expensive not to grow your own. You can save thousands each year by cultivating cannabis at your home. You can have 4 plants per household, not for each person living there.

You’re required to grow in your main place of residence and homeowners/landlords can prohibit cannabis cultivation if they so choose. Marijuana plants cannot be publicly visible and growers must attach a tag with their name, and ID/driver’s license number, written legibly.

How To Get Seeds In Virginia

We suggest looking to seedsman.com to buy an assortment of seeds from breeders around the world.

They carry many top genetics from legendary breeders like Sensi Seeds and Barney’s Farm. They recently opened a new warehouse in the United States, so expect delivery times to be quick compared to other international seedbanks.

They will deliver to you in Roanoke, Virginia, or anywhere else in the states.

Need Weed Now But Don’t Want To Get It In Virginia?

If you don’t like the idea of acquiring your recreational marijuana from a black market seller, you have the option of making a trip to DC for a more legal experience.

It’s a 4-hour trip . That said, acquiring recreational pot from D.C. and bringing it back into Virginia is illegal. As you would be breaking the law when you transport it across state lines. See our DC Pot Reviews to find a vendor that suits your needs.

Note that we’re not lawyers and nothing in this article is legal advice. It is for educational purposes that we’ve made this information available to you, and you’re responsible for being reasonable with regard to the law.

Now that you know how you (can’t) get weed in Roanoke, Virginia, have you made a trip to DC to get weed before? How was it?